The SkyPulse® V1 - 4K Pro Mini Drone with Camera

Pilot Control Level

Introducing the SkyPulse® V1 - 4K Pro Mini Drone with Camera, a pinnacle of innovation and compact design in the world of aerial technology. Engineered to redefine portability without compromise, this mini drone with camera stands out as a true marvel, combining advanced features with unmatched convenience.


    • WORLD'S BEST MINI DRONE | ELEVATE YOUR PERSPECTIVE- The SkyPulse® V1 - 4K Pro Mini Drone with Camera is not just a drone; it’s a revolution in flight technology. Its blend of innovation, portability, and user-friendly features makes it the definitive choice for anyone looking to explore the skies. Whether you’re an aspiring aerial photographer, a tech enthusiast, or simply looking for fun, the mini done delivers an unmatched drone experience. Elevate your perspective and capture the world in stunning detail with the SkyPulse® V1

    • DUAL CAMERA EXCELLENCE -Capture breathtaking aerial shots with the SkyPulse® V1 Mini Drone's dual camera setup. Seamlessly switch between the primary 4K UHD camera and the bottom lens equipped with optical flow positioning for enhanced stability. This ensures every photo and video is crystal clear, stable, and professional-grade, regardless of flight conditions

    • UNMATCHED OBSTACLE AVOIDANCE- Navigate the skies with confidence, thanks to SkyPulse® V1’s groundbreaking five-sided obstacle avoidance system. Whether you’re maneuvering through tight spaces or exploring vast open skies, this intelligent system of the mini drone ensures your drone avoids collisions from every angle, delivering a safer and smoother flight experience

    • PORTABILITY PERFECTED ( INBUILT DRONE STORAGE )Designed for adventure, the SkyPulse® V1Mini Drone features foldable arms, transforming it into a compact and easily portable device which you can store directly in the Remote Control . Its lightweight, yet durable construction from high-strength engineering plastics ensures it can withstand the rigors of any journey while maintaining top performance

    • SEAMLESS CONNECTIVITY AND REAL-TIME TRANSMISSION- Stay connected with the SkyPulse® V1’s integrated WiFi function. Connect to the accompanying app system to take pictures, record videos, and enjoy real-time image transmission directly to your smartphone. Share your adventures as they happen with friends and family

    • ONE KEY RETURN , CUSTOMISABLE ROUTES , GESTURE PHOTOGRAPHY- Never worry about losing your drone with the one-key return function. At the press of a button, your drone will find its way back home effortlessly. Plus, unleash your creativity by customizing your flight route through the app, drawing paths for your drone to follow and capturing unique footage. Enjoy VR and Gesture Photography with inbuilt AI features of the V1 Mini Drone