Portable Desk Vacuum Cleaner

Light Blue

This is literally one of the most useful gadgets we have ever launched . Its also one of our favourites amongst our portable vacuum cleaners and is the perfect desk cleaner for you home or work . You simply have to just press a button , move the vacuum all over and the job's done 

    • STRONG SUCTION POWER- Featuring the upgraded R19 proprietary motor with aviation allow fuselage air duct , this mini vacuum cleaner can easily and quickly suck all kinds of food particles , paper bits , shavings , granules , hair etc. from your desk leaving it clean and tidy as ever 
    • 360° CLEANING- The mini vacuum has nylon brush array on the bottom surface and the spiral fan in the middle compartment provides for all over 360° cleaning and cleans even the minutest dust particles 
    • SINGLE TOUCH CONTROL | LONG BATTERY LIFE  - Single smart touch buttons makes it super simple to use and versatile too . Plus as its powered by 2 AAA Batteries ( not included ) , you get a battery life time of 3 moths which is remarkable 
    • HANDHELD PORTABLE-The biggest advantage is its unique handheld design which allows you to use it anywhere anytime and also can be conveniently carried around or put in the desk drawer 
    • LARGE BIN-The dust bin of this portable vacuum cleaner is pretty large and the debris can be simply emptied out by rotating the dock open . Its design is inspired by the Vohlorn construction which maximises the cleaning efficiency by 3 times 
    • AAA BATTERY -The vacuum cleaner works on normal AAA Battery (not included because of shipping restrictions)
    • THE DESIGN- Hands down , this is one of the most artistically designed vacuum cleaners and looks really cool and minimalistic on your table . The highest quality ABS built makes sure of the years of efficiency and durability 
    • TECH SPECS -Size : 8.20 x 8.20 x 6.00 cm ; Weight : 130g ; Noise : 60 db , Requires Assembly : No  ; Power Source : 2 x AAA Batteries