Smart Phone Key Finder - Slim Mini Bluetooth GPS Tracker

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This mini smart key finder is gonna save hell lot of time as in you won't have to spend more than 10 seconds to know where your lost car keys , wallet or bag is . Its compatible with both Android and iOS and the ' Find My Phone ' function just takes things to another level
    • TRACK YOUR IMPORTANT ITEMS- This mini tracker for keys features advanced Bluetooth mapping technology and lets you keep track of your important stuff like car keys , wallet , documents folder , remote , suitcase , boxes etc. Plus its available in 6 vibrant colours which you can pick according to your liking ( We prefer White variant the most ) 
    • HOW TO USE- Finding your lost items could never have been simpler . Just attach your car keys or wallet to our key finder device using the keyring slot or magnet . Now in case if you lose the keys , open the Smartphone App and press the Call/Beep ( Android / iOS ) button . The key tracker will start beeping with a high pitch 90 decibel sound and you can thus easily find the items !!!
    • RANGE AND OTHER FEATURES- The effective 100-120 ft range makes things super easy and lets you track stuff over long distances . Also the new ' Disconnect + ' feature makes it impossible to leave your car keys behind because the phone and device both beep at the same time when you go out of the tracking range
    • GOOGLE MAPS LAST LOCATION- Even if disconnected , this genius key finder records and saves the last location which you can check on the Google Maps via the key finder app
    • FIND MY PHONE- Forgot where you kept your smartphone ? Just manually press the smart button on your key tracker device and the the phone will start beeping even if its on Silent Mode . This cool, innovative way to keep track of your important things makes your busy life so much easier
    • BATTERY LIFE- You don't need to buy a new key finder every year . Just replace the CR2032 coin battery ( included ) and it lasts for 365 days thus adding to the convenience
    • WHY BUY THIS- First of all this smart key locator is really affordable amongst all our Key Finders . Second , the design is super minimalistic and vibrant and goes good with car keys , wallets etc . Third , its water proof and weather resistant making it highly versatile and your go-to tracking companion for all situations