The most awaited gadget of 2020 is here !!! Mifa® Air Earbuds are not only a symbol of status among your peer but you will also be amazed by the outstanding ultra rich music experience and the patented super cool design . The upgraded 2.0 Internal MAXR® microchips will surely take your music experience to another level
    • 🎭GAMING EDITION -The Mifa® Air '20 are the most appreciated gadgets of 2020 and are ranked in the list of most premium level bluetooth earbuds available on the market 
    • 🎭ULTRA RICH HI-FI SOUND - The inbuilt MAXR® microphones will give you a rich smooth music experience and a 3x greater bass quality than any other earbuds
    • 🎭PORTABLE CHARGING CASE-The premium charging case has a inbuilt battery of 450 mAh and can charge the earbuds fully 4-5 times
    • 🎭SMART TOUCH CONTROL - The earbuds feature smart touch control and finger touch can be used to change songs, answer calls, change volume settings etc
    • 🎭PHYSICAL NOISE CANCELLING- InBuilt intelligent noise cancelling so the background noises are eliminated to provide you professional gaming experience
    • 🎭SOFT AND COMFORTABLE -The earbuds are ergonomically designed to give long hours of continuous listening comfort. The soft silicone covering on the earbuds ensure 100 % comfort and
    • 🎭AUTO PAIR AND CALIBRATION -The earbuds automatically turn on and calibrate when taken out of the charging case
    • 🎭BLUETOOTH 5.0 - Inbuilt Bluetooth 5.0 Interface for smooth wireless connection with all your phones, PCs, MacOS, Ps4 and Xbox
    • 🎭100 % WATERPROOF -IPX5 Waterproof technology s=which eliminates any damage from water or sweat
    • 🎭HI-FI MICROPHONE - InBUilt High Definition mic so you can enjoy hands free calling and voice assistant very smoothly
    • 🎭PROFESSIONAL BUILTThis is a premium product by MIFA® and portrays a professional sleek look which is also suitable for corporates

    NOTE - Grey Technologies is the exclusive official seller of the Mifa® Air '20 . So you can as always be sure about the originality and quality of the product