Phone Screen Amplifier ( Magnifier for Phone Screen)

Guys , this is literally one of the most useful phone accessories we have ever launched for you . This magnifier for phone will increase your phone screen size to that of a tablet and Netflix binge watch will become like 10 times more fun and cooler than before 
    • PHONE SCREEN MAGNIFIER- Basically speaking , this gadget uses triple amplification technology to magnify your mobile screen to that of an iPad or tablet and you can enjoy videos , movies , songs with much more fun and also without straining your eyes 
    • HIGH DEFINITION DISPLAY- Being powered by our proprietary G32 Lens , the display on the screen is very high quality and doesn't reduce the pixel quality at all . The display of the videos you watch on the screen will be nearly the same as before 
    • ANTI GLARE COATING- The dual layer Blu-Ray anti glare coating of the phone screen magnifier decreases the strain on your eyes and thus is great for long watch time hours 
    • VERY EASY TO USE- This is super simple to use . Just keep your phone on the inbuilt stand , take out the screen and you are good to go . Thus it can be used by everyone including kids too , making a great weekend gift . ( At first you may have a little difficulty in finding the perfect angle but after 2 or 3 uses , you'll do just fine ) 
    • REALLY PORTABLE- Being very lightweight and portable , the screen magnifier can easily be carried around which makes it really convenient for trips or meetings 
    • MINIMALISTIC DESIGN- The gadget features a textured matte surface and looks kind of really good if you travelling somewhere


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