Getihu® Magnetic Phone Mount for Car - Universal Phone Holder


This is the only phone mount for car you'll ever need . With an ultra super string electronic magnetic support and easy to install mini design , this car phone holder is really a must have and prices to be of a great utility while driving

    • ADVANCED MAGNETIC PHONE HOLDER- Mounting your smartphone in the car could never have been more easier and safer . The super advanced integrated magnetic technology allows you to mount your phone 10 times easily than the  traditional phone holders . Its pick and place so you just have to slightly place your phone onto the magnetic holder and you are good to go
    • THE MOST SECURE GRIP EVER- With Getihu® phone holder , you really never have to worry about your phone's safety again . The proprietary N52 electronic magnets exert a quad angular magnetic force onto the phone thus firmly locking onto it whilst providing stability and functional grip . Despite its small size , this phone holder for car is a power monster and perfect for all scenarios
    • 360° ROTATION- The smartphone can be mounted horizontally or vertically and you can enjoy movies , videos and podcasts on the go . It can be rotated 360° according to viewing convenience and the both sided magnetic pull keeps your phone intact even in case of emergency brakes or high speed
    • SIMPLE TO INSTALL- Installation takes just 20 seconds or so . Just take off the 3M cover from the bottom surface of the magnetic phone holder and place it on the front dashboard preferably . You can now mount your phone anytime anywhere and due to the mini size it doesn't cause any obstruction or disturbance to the driver
    • CHARGING SUPPORT AND NO SCRATCHES- The clever design allows full space for simultaneous charging and the high quality silicone surface doesn't allow any scratches or marks on your phone's cover
    • MULTI FUNCTIONAL- Not only its a great magnetic phone mount for car but can also be used on work desk , wall , bedside cabinets etc. thus making it really versatile to use 
    • GETIHU FLAGSHIP- This is a premium product by Getihu® and boasts of a minimalistic slim design with the most advanced suction technology . Its one of the most useful car accessories and also a part of our Staff Picks