The Magic Switchbot | Best of Smart Home

Ok , Ok , give us the trolls , why not just use your worthy finger ? Accpeted !!! But just think about this - how cool and badass it will looks when you give a command to that little bot to turn your lights on and off and that too with its cute little finger . This Magic Switchbot is hands down one the coolest smart home gadgets we have brought for you and its gonna make your life so much easier
    • AUTOMATE YOUR SMART HOME- Why we love this smart bot so much is coz its the only standalone gadget you need to perfectly automate and upgrade your home . No complex installations , no fancy 200 $ Lamps - just this little SwitchBot and your smartphone
    • COOLNESS OVERDOSE- This is probably the coolest smart home gadget we have ever brought for you . It feels so freaking cool to just press a button on your smartphone and control your boring dumb switches and that too with a cute little robot's finger
    • BOTH ON / OFF- This is an all in one automation gadget which means that the Switchbot can both turn the switch on or off . The included add on 3M adhesive string makes it possible thus giving you full control of your appliances . Whether you are cozy in a bed and want to turn off the lights or you just want to start your coffee machines , the Switch Bot got you covered
    • 10 SECOND SETUP | SUPER SIMPLE TO USE- Ease of use is the best part about Switchbot . When you receive your bot , just adjust and place it near your rocker switch as shown in the picture with the 3M No Residue Magnet . Now just hook on the Off string and BOOM , you just made your home smarter
    • UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILTY | BLUETOOTH 5.0- Being powered by Bluetooth 5.0 and our proprietary Gsense mapping technology , the robot is compatible with both Android and iOS and you can download the flagship Magic Switchbot App to control all your bots and switches , set automation rules , timers and even change encryption settings
    • SUITS EACH AND EVERY TYPE OF SWITCH- You don't need any kind of installation or replacement . The cleaver Switchbot design makes it globally compatible with all kinds of rocker switches , turning your dumb appliances into smart home gadgets . Its perfect for light switches , fan switches , coffee machine , TV button , Robot Vacuum , Heater , Alarm Clock and the list is just enable according to your creativity . Plus , the 300 days battery life makes it super convenient and can be charged using the included USB Cable
    • THE DESIGN- Be sure about it , the Switchbot doesn't look any kind of wired or ugly even if you get such vibes in the photos . The ultralight portable design with mate finish and bot like design makes it looks awesome and will surely get you a compliment from family and friends