Mr Tommy® Luxury Air Freshener for Car | Turntable Edition


This here is probably the world's most coolest . luxurious and really the best air feshener for car . The one of its kind turntable design with an a highly efficient natural aroma diffusion ,makes this one of the must-have car accessories of the yer.

    • BADASS AIR FRESHENER - The special record player like design gives a unique retro and luxury vibe to your car and there is really no such air freshener that will give you an experience like this one . You just have to put the aroma capsules like you put a record , turn on the iconic stick and you car will now smell like an ultra high class French Boutique 
    • EXACTLY LIKE A VINYL RECORD PLAYER- The design of this custom car air freshener is exactly like that of a classic vinyl record player . The retro lovers will have such a great time with this . The aroma tablets are shaped like CD records and the switch which is the turntable stick type even makes it more awesome 
    • 3 AROMA CAPSULES - The package comes with 3 Italian Blend aromatherapy capsules ( which are in shape of mini Vinyl Records ) . The top notes are mint & sea cologne , middle notes are lemon and vanilla and then a slight bomb of tonka beans . Its like the Dior Sauvage kind of a fragrance and everyone who gets even a sniff of it will throw a compliment . One aroma CD lasts upto 1.5 months and after 6 months or so you can contact us to get extra refills
    • THERE'S MORE- When you put the tone arm in the middle , the aroma starts to diffuse and the turntable starts to spin slowly which feels very cool and gives a superior edge to your car's interior 
    • ESAY TO INSTALL- The clip pinch mechanism allows you to easily install the air freshener inside the AC vent . Being small and portable its easy to place anywhere thus adding to the convenience
    • UNIFORM SPRAY- The hollow air duct diffusion technology allows uniform and noiseless spreading of the air freshener in the whole car and also lasts for a very long time  
    • PREMIUM PRODUCT- This is one of our most premium novelty car gadgets and certainly the most unique in its category . Being designed from the most premium grade aluminium and ABS with 100% organic aroma capsules , its there to last whilst providing that cool factor to your car