XSociety® Russian Roulette - Lie Detector Game

"Unleashyour inner detective with our electrifying Lie Detector Test Shock Finger Game !!! Challenge your friends to speak the truth or face a shocking consequence. With sleek design and intuitive gameplay, it's the ultimate party game that guarantees electrifying fun and unforgettable memories!"
    • GREATEST BOARD GAME -The XSociety®️ Russian Roulette is the most unique party board game where 6 brave people round up , ask a question and the person who lies is ELECTRIFIED ( don't worry it's completely safe )

    • NEXT GEN SENSOR TECHNOLOGY- The Lie Detector Shock Game features our patented HEDSense®️ technology which allows for accurate lie detection in this mini fun game

    • THE SAFETY GUARANTEE - Guys come on , we are not selling weapons here 😭 . This game passed 8 Safety Tests , features special voltage sensors and the shock is just mild to make you squirm and jump a little ( it's actually fun seeing the reactions lol )

    • ENDLESS CREATIVITY - You can literally use this Shock Game anywhere - as a Drinking Game , Home Board Game , House Parties , Truth & Dare thus making it one of the most versatile board games ever designed . Also the game has 2 modes - Lie Detector Mode & Team Survival Mode for added fun

    • THE COOL DESIGN- The fierce Russian Roulette Design with black matte coat and Flashing LED Lights really increase the hype and it is actually intimidating to wait and hope you don't get shocked this time