Wavestar® Levitating Speaker


Yes , your shock and surprise is completely accepted. We also didn't think that this product would come to reality , but we have done it guys and we are sure that you will absolutely love it . This levitating speaker is the world's most unique bluetooth speaker and a must for the tech lovers 

    • PREMIUM PRODUCT - This floating bluetooth speaker is a high tech product by Wavestar® and is one of the most advanced gadgets of the year . It has won various design awards and was also featured by H&H Tech
    • PATENTED LEVITATION TECHNOLOGY- The levitating speaker works on our patented anti-rotor magnetic levitation technology which allows to eliminate the gravity in the region and makes the speaker levitate in air . It looks beautiful and the vibes you get are so satisfying 
    • 360° ROTATION- When the music is turned on , the speaker calibrates with the music waves and starts rotating in the air like pure magic which is absolutely crazy and looks very cool 
    • ULTRA RICH SOUND- The levitating  speaker features dual  Beryllium stereo subwoofers with silicone tethering to provide you ultra HD Crisp music quality with the most immersive base 
    • SPECIAL MUSIC CONE- The internal special 3D sound cone amplifies the music and makes the whole room sound like a freaking concert hall . 
    • BLUETOOTH 5.0- Advanced Bluetooth 5.0 Interface for seamless wireless connection with all your devices and is compatible with Andorid , iOS , laptops , MacBook , PC , Smart Tv etc.
    • BEAUTIFUL LED GRADIENT- The advanced LED Gradient of the levitating speaker looks really cool especially at night and creates a soothing magical ambience in your bedroom or living room 
    • SAFETY CHIP- In case of power failure, the smart chip automatically detects it and the speaker automatically sticks to the above holder thus preventing any breaking or damage
    • THE MATERIAL- As always , the device features advanced mechanism with sturdy constructions using the highest grade lithium microchips , aluminium and metallic externals . It is designed to give you the highest level of efficiency and durability and the quality certainly corresponds to the price 
    • REVOLUTIONARY TECHNOLOGY- Our patented levitation technology is a breakthrough in the tech industry and this floating speaker in collaboration with Wavestar® is a live example of its application
    • CHARGING- The speaker gets automatically charged in the mid air while levitating which becomes really convenient 
    • JEALOUSY FACTOR- One thing we can guarantee you guys - if you place this in your living room , every guest that passes by will surely feel a sort of envy for the device . You 'll get so many compliments for this and it will be certainly one of the coolest things in your home 
    Grey Technologies is the exclusive official seller of the Wavestar® Levitating Speaker . All rights reserved and protected