Levitating Moon Lamp

This levitating moon lamp may be one of the most beautiful lamps we have ever launched for you . The little moon quietly levitating in the your bedroom will look so elegant that you won't be able to take your eyes off it !!!
    • PURE MAGIC- The moon literally floats in the air which looks like absolute magic and really looks like a real mini moon . Its kinda really soothing and beautiful and you would surely love it 
    • ABOUT THE MOON- Each and every single moon is 3D printed using real astronomical prints ( it takes about 24 hours to make one ) and the texture is as such that it totally gives the vibes of the real moon
    • WARM BRIGHT LIGHT- The floating moon lamp has a calm warm light and the colour of the moon can be changed by just touching the base one ( 3 different colours )
    • ADVANCED LEVITATION TECHNOLOGY- The lamp uses Levmav ® patented tech which allows the 3D moon to precisely calibrate with the base and float in the air . The Levmav® technology is by fat the most efficient levitation technology and ensures a very uniform gravity elimination 
    • PREMIUM MAPLE BASE- The base of the levitating moon lamp is made of pure maple wood with dual insulation and it feels very textured and smooth
    • MINIMAL POWER CONSUMPTION- The 3D moon lamp uses our power reserve microchips thus uses very minimal energy thus making it really convenient 
    • THE VIBES- We can't exactly explain here in words what a feeling you will get by watching this lamp float and rotate in the air . It is very satisfying and creates a calm , soothing ambience in the room . Literally everyone who is gonna see this will go crazy for this lamp and will ask where you bought it ( don't forget to send them our link 😅 )
    • A MASTERPIECE- Guys , this levitating lamp is really a product that we are proud of and the craftsmanship behind this is worth appreciation and we hope that you will love this product

    Grey Technologies is the exclusive official seller of The Floating Moon Lamp . All rights reserved and protected