LED Thumb Magic - Best Halloween Magic Trick

This LED Thumbs magic trick will make your friends literally go crazy and they won't even get a hint what's happening . Not only is it perfect as a Cool Prank Idea but also is great for the Halloween Party Fun 
    • BEST MAGIC TRICK- This is really the coolest magic trick and prank stuff you'll ever try . Not only it's super badass to play with magical LED Lights but also the magic trick requires no setup or hassle thus can be preformed anywhere
    • HOW DOES IT WORK- In the Magic Kit , there are two silicone thumb covers and 2 LED Lights which get activated when you press the thumbs with your fingers and they turn off when you release the pressure . So when you wear the specially designed thumb covers and lights beneath them , it looks like there is nothing in your hands and the light show is just unbelievable
    • ENDLESS TRICKS- With this Prank Magic Toy , you can do endless fun tricks like swallowing the light , taking it out from your ears or nose , producing the light from sheer air and so on - literally the creativity here is never ending and you can be the party attention grabber wherever you want
    • UNIVERSAL USE- The Thumb Covers are designed using medium skin tone and elastic materials thus they are perfect for hands of all sizes and ages . Being tiny and lightweight , you can carry the magic trick anywhere making it super portable and versatile
    • SUPERIOR MATERIAL | 100 % SAFE- Being 3D printed using the highest quality material and lined with soft silicone , the Magic LED Thumbs are comfortable to wear and can be used by kids as well as adults