The Virtual Laser Keyboard

Guys, we finally did it !!! The laser keyboard is finally here and it is even more awesome than we expected . And we know its a bit expensive but trust us - this will be one of the most awesome gadget you have ever purchased
      • REVOLUTIONARY TECHNOLOGY- The patented laser touch projection technology makes it the first fully operational laser keyboard in the world which also has the mouse function 
      • LASER PROJECTION- No more clicking those boring traditional keys. Just connect this little gadget to your phone or computer and you can literally type on laser which looks really really cool !!!
      • MOUSE FUNCTION - This gadget is not just a keyboard. The button with an arrow on the bottom allows you to access the laser mouse function so you can convert the device into a virtual mouse along with the virtual keyboard
      • ANY SURFACE- The most amazing feature is that the laser projection can be used on any opaque surface may it be a table , pad , wood or anything else
      • BLUETOOTH 5.0- The advanced Bluetooth interface helps you to connect the keyboard with all your Android Devices , iOS, Laptops , PCs , MacOS etc
      • MOBILE PHONE HOLDER- The second model of the hologram keyboard comes with an integrated silicone holder which can firmly hold your phone and makes the operation highly convenient
      • INBUILT AI CHIP- The smart microchip allows precise and highly clear laser projection and automatically adjusts the brightness according to different surfaces
      • POWER BANK FUNCTION- The device can also be used as a standalone power bank and thus is very useful while travelling
      • PORTABLE - Being very ligthweight and small, the laser keyboard projector can easily be carried in your pocket and be used anytime and anywhere you want 
      • PREMIUM PRODUCT- This is a high end product and is manufactured using high grade silicone microchips with resistant outer core thus providing it ultra long durability and efficiency

      Grey Technologies is the exclusive official manufacturer and seller of The Laser Keyboard . All rights reserved and protected

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