Is your gaming laptop heating up and ruining your gaming routines ?? Don't worry, we got you covered. This advanced cooling stand from Aisilun® manufactured for professional level gaming operations will take care of all the heating problems and let you enjoy your gaming to the fullest !!!
    • PROFESSIONAL EDITION - This device is specially created for professional level gamers and thus provides heavy duty ultra efficient laptop cooling
    • 4.0 LEVEL UPGRADED COOLING-The inbuilt 6 core upgraded magnetic fans provide enhanced cooling at a rate of 4000 r/ min which is faster than any other cooling device
    • UNIVERSAL- The device is suitable for all laptops between 12-18 inches
    • INVISIBLE SILENT COOLING - Unlike other noisy coolers, this gadget completes the task silently so that you can enjoy hard core gaming without any interference
    • PLUG AND PLAY - Just connect the Laptop to the USB port of the device and the cooling starts. No plugins or no drivers required
    • WORKS AS A STAND-The device also works as a flexible stand with 7 different height adjustments which effectively reduces pains, fatigues and wring posture
    • RGB GRADIENT INTERFACE -The LED Lighting Effects with RGB Gradient look really cool and create a ultra gaming ambience
    • PREMIUM PRODUCT -This is a professional level device and is manufactured using highest quality materials and internal fans which provide industry standard durability and efficiency

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