Kitty Mini Vacuum Cleaner


Cleaning your desk could never have been so much fun !!! This is the cutest and most adorable piece of mini vacuum cleaner ever designed and will surely contribute to cleaner and neater surroundings around you 

    • POWER-This vacuum cleaner, despite its tiny size , features maximum suction power , is highly efficient and can clean your whole desk including dust, granules, food particles , pencil shavings and even paper bits 
    • HANDHELD PORTABLE-The biggest advantage is its unique handheld design. You can easily put it in your drawer or carry it anywhere making it really versatile and easy to use 
    • SINGLE TOUCH CONTROL -Smart single touch button ensures convenient operation making it comfortable for use by anyone including kids too 
    • 360° CLEANING -Powerful 360° Ascending Wind Directional suction with spiral fan technology increases cleaning efficiency by 3 times and the special nylon brush array on the bottom ensures proper dust cleaning 
    • LARGE DUSTBIN -The 0.5 L Waste Cup allows for effective collection of particles and can be simply emptied out by rotating the top 
    • LONG BATTERY LIFE- Inbuilt 720 mAh battery gives long use time and can be charged using the included USB cable . The LED indicator on the surface flashes red when the battery level is low . Plus the inbuilt chip makes sure that it doesn't heat up while use 
    • CUTE KITTY DESIGN- The design is so cute that you will not be able to take your eyes off this little gadget cleaning and dusting your table or desk !!!
    • HIGH GRADE BUILT-The mini vacuum cleaner  is designed using the highest quality ABS which is 100 % safe , toxin free and highly durable
    • SPECS- Size : 9.7 x 8.5 x 8.5 cm ; Weight : 220 gm ; Voltage : 3.7V ; Suction : 800 pa ; Power Source : Inbuilt Rechargeable Battery ( 720 mAh )