Jeffmax® Best Portable Electric Lighter

Ice Blue
Here it is - your most viral Instagram Certified Electric Lighter . This cool plasma lighter is totally gonna change the way you perceive fire 😂 and lighting your cigars , candles and crackers will be like Triple Fun !!!
    • FROM ELECTRICITY TO FIRE- Being operated by electric current , the Jeffmax® plasma lighter does not require any kind of butane or lighter gas . Just open the metallic lid , touch the Smart Fingerprint Button and bring your cigarette into the plasma arc . It will catch fire in an instant and the feeling ( plus the sound ) is kind of really satisfying
    • SAFETY FEATURES | CORE 3 SMART CHIP- The USB Lighter is powered by the upgraded 3FS Smart Chip which provides for automatic power off , overcharge protection and ensures ZERO HEAT . Also as there is no toxic chemical , no flame and no smoke , electric USB lighters are way more safer than the conventional ones
    • SLIM & PORTABLE | ULTRA COOL DESIGN- Not only is it one of our Coolest Electric Lighters by deign but also our slimmest one from the whole range . The premium metal body combined with an unbelievably slim ultralight body makes it really portable and can easily be carried in pockets or cigarette cases
    • USB RECHARGEABLE LIGHTER- The electric arc lighter is USB Rechargeable via the included USB Cable or even your power bank or laptop . One single charge lasts upto a week which is remarkable
    • OTHER GREAT FEATURES- Again , as it's a flameless lighter , that makes it a 100% waterproof and windproof lighter and you can use it as a go-to fire starter camping tool too . The electric lighter boasts of a 12 stage fine-processed zinc alloy built and the craftsmanship is really worth appreciation