Looking for a solution to get rid of wrinkles, dark circles , dull skin and sark spots ??
Then this ultrasonic negative ion cleaner from INFACE® is certainly the perfect gadget for you !!

    • MOST EFFECTIVE SKIN CARE GADGET- This device is rated as the most effective and efficient skin care gadget of 2020 by SCHM . If you follow our recommended method, then you will see massive results after on weel
    • MODE 1 -The mode 1 is export mode. Apply some makeup remover products on the ultrasonic cleaner and then massage your face to induce positive ions
    • MODE 2 - The mode 2 is import mode. Apply some moisturiser or skin cream on the device and then massage your face . This allows induction of negative ions and introduces nutrients to the inner cells of the skin
    • MODE 3 -The mode 3 is repair mode. Apply skin repair products on the device and then massage your face .This mode uses blue light and negative ions to carry out deep ultra cleaning , soothing and firming of the skin
    • TWO TIMES EACH DAY- If you follow the above three steps for two times every day , then you will see massive results in a week and you will see how your skin starts rejuvenating and looks younger
    • BENEFITS OF BLUE AND RED LIGHT - The blue and red light combination lifts, firms, whitens and brightens the skin alongside improving skin vitality and hiding pores / pimples
    • RELIEVES FATIGUE - The high frequency sonic massage relieves fatigue and quickly refines the nutrient essence
    • 3 LEVEL WATERPROOF- The gadget is 100 % waterproof and can be washed after use
    • PORTABLE- This device is so lightweight that it can be easily carried in your pocket and thus can be used anywhere, anytime
    • SAFETY- The device is developed in full consultation of skin specialists and has absolutely no side effect on the skin. The device is certified by FDA as well as ROHS

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