Why do you even need to go to a salon when you can have parlour ready beautiful eyelashes at home ??? So whether its a big wedding or just a small date, this little gadget will do the job !!!
    • šŸ‘PATENTED GEAR TECHNOLOGY- The flagship electric curl technology allows you to curl your eyelashes uniformly an professionally
    • šŸ‘60 SEC FAST CURLING- The operation is very fast and takes about 60 seconds and the curling lasts for more than 48 hours which is absolutely awesome
    • šŸ‘3 GEAR TEMPERATURE CONTROL - The device features 3 gear intelligent temperature control so you can choose according to your suitability - 60Ā° C for soft eye lashes , 85Ā° C for general eyelashes and 95Ā° C for thick/hard/false eyelashes
    • šŸ‘INTELLIGENT GEAR MEMORY - The device automatically saves the memory of your choice of your gear so the next time you use it , that gear option will be automatically selected
    • šŸ‘UNIVERSAL - The device works will all types of eyelashes - soft, hard and also false eyelashes
    • šŸ‘ANTI-SCALD COMB DESIGN - The concave convex comb-tooth design function in a way that the eyelashes touch the heating rod at the groove and the protrusion protects the eye skin, curls the eyelashes and does not hut the eyelids or the upper skin
    • šŸ‘100 % SAFE - The device is designed after perfect consultation with makeup specialists ans is 100 % safe with triple layer insulation so you don't have to worry about any shock related risk
    • šŸ‘LARGE BATTERY LIFE - The inbuilt 200 mAh battery provides long usage time and is rechargeable through the normal USB Cable
    • šŸ‘PORTABLE- The device is very lightweight and portable and can be carried even while you are travelling

    HOW TO USE :

    • BRUSH MASCARA - Apply mascara evenly on the eyelashes ( not necessary )
    • EYELAH SHAPING -Hold the preheated device brush at the root of the. eyelashes and the tip of eyelashes for 3 seconds
    • EYELASH STYLING -Move the brush head of the curler from the root of the eyelashes to the tip of the eyelashes for 3-4 times to achieve perfect parlour ready results