Guys your wait is finally over - the Xiaomi® Hybrid Max is finally here. We know you have waited for it a lot and the launch got delayed and also it a bit expensive but guys trust us this would be one of the coolest hybrid watches you will ever experience !!!
    • PREMIUM PRODUCT -This is a high end smart watch designed and developed by joint partnership of Grey Technologies and Xiaomi Corporation and is considered one of the most reputed hybrid smartwatches ever designed . The craftsmanship and the tech behind this has been appreciated everywhere also being featured in the SSG'21
    • LOOKS LIKE A NORMAL WATCH- The patented engraving microchip technology allowed us to design the watch just like a normal business watch. So you can maintain the professional minimalistic look and also enjoy all the features of a smart watch 
    • BUILT IN SMART CHIP - The inbuilt smart chip has intelligent detection function and a built in motion sensor which accurately measures your daily steps , activity , calories burnt and can display them in the smartphone app 
    • SMART PHONE CONTROL- You can connect the watch to the smartphone app ( Download using QR code ) and view all the statistics in the app . The app is compatible with both android and iOS phones 
    • VIP CALL REMINDER -When a call or message comes, the watch will vibrate and remind you to pick or decline . Its really useful when you are in office or at work 
    • TAKS REMINDER- You can set up various interval task reminders and the watch will remind you to the designated work thus helping you in time management and efficiency 
    • SILENT VIBRATION- The silent inbuilt alarm allows to set upto 10 alarm groups and vibrates without disturbing the nearby people 
    • MULTI TIME ZONES- Through the app you can set the time zone of different countries and also the watch automatically calibrates to the time zone in which you are 
    • 3 LEVEL WATERPROOF -The triple layer Aluminia coating with IP67 technology makes the watch fully waterproof and can be used while bathing or swimming
    • VERY COMFORTABLE - The strap has been designed using soft Italian leather which feels really comfortable , lightweight and luxurious 
    • THE LEVEL OF MINIMALISM -This hybrid smartwatch is designed for executives and corporates and the classy delicate look it features will surely make you fall in love with it . The design is really very beautiful and when its coupled with the smart features it has , this gadget becomes a  must for the tech lovers
    • STAFF PICK- Guys , this is one of the products that we are really proud of . This watch is truly a tech masterpiece because integrating smart chip mechanics in such a sleek beautiful watch is kinda really hard and thus this hybrid smartwatch is one of its kind and we totally recommend it to you 

    Grey Technologies is the exclusive official seller of The Xiaomi® Hybrid Max. All rights reserved and protected


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