Baseus® Smart Humidifier for Car - Dual Mode , 100% Leak Proof

Enjoy safe healthy car travel with the smart air humidifier from Baseus ®. This intelligent gadget will make sure that there is enough moisture in you car thus preventing you from numerous health hazards and skin deterioration
    • SMART HUMIDIFICATION- The air humidifier for car works on the proprietary Twek® AI chip which can detect the current hydration level in your car and then moisturises the air according to that . The humidifier makes sure that the air you breathe is moisturised to the optimum level thus ensuring good health
    • KILLS BACTERIA AND REMOVES BAD ODOUR- Apart from adding moisture to the air , the mini air humidifier also kills harmful germs and bacteria whilst eliminating pungent smell
    • SPECIALLY DESIGNED FOR CAR- The humidifier is specially designed for car and doesn't affect the leather seats or interior body . Unlike other heavy mist humidifiers , this one works on a nano atomisation (high-frequency oscillation )principle and doesn't wet the car and also does not makes the windscreen foggy
    • DUAL GEAR MODE- The two modes - continuous and intermittent can be changed by the single touch button and can be adjusted according the convenience
    • 300 ML LARGE WATER TANK | ZERO LEAKAGE- The 300 ml capacity large water dock is enough for around 7 days before you would have to replace it again . The frosted thin water indicator bar shows the current water level and the dual silicone seal with integrated lock ring makes it 100% leak proof and spill proof . You can twist , move , shake the humidifier 360° and not even single drop of water will fall
    • ALUMINIUM ALLOY BODY | ZERO PLASTIC- The car humidifier by Baseus ® eliminates traditional plastic body and boasts of a fully polished aluminium alloy built with  LED lighting thus making it the best car air humidifier on the market
    • DRY BURN PROTECTION- When the water level is too low , the physical inbuilt probe detects it and automatically shuts power to prevent damage to the device
    • THE DESIGN- This is probably the most beautifully designed mini humidifiers ever . The gorgeous matte design with the blue hued breathing lights on the top makes it perfect for your car and is certainly one of the most useful car accessories of the year
    • MULTI APPLICATION- Not only for car , but also its an excellent air humidifier for bedroom , yoga room , baby nurseries or your work desk
    • 🤔DO YOU NEED A CAR HUMIDIFIER ? - According to a survey by BHHS , the humidity of more than 75% of cars is seriously below standard which is less than 35% RH . This is not only related to climate but also the moisture suction effect of the air conditioner flow . This triggers various health problems like cracked skin , respiratory hazards , stress and bacterial infection . To counter these , an air humidifier is must in your vehicle

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