Smart Bluetooth High End Speaker - With Wireless Charging - For yoga and meditation

This is the most unique and high end speakers ever designed . Its built specially for yoga , meditation and relaxation purpose and the beautiful 7 inbuilt nature sounds makes it so much more amazing 
    • BUILT IN SOUND OF NATURE -This high end speaker features 7 inbuilt premium nature songs which create a calm and soothing ambience and lightens up your mood ( turn the regulator to the white music mode to listen the sounds). The sounds are of rainfall, wind , sound of the forest, waves, birds, cicada song ( our favourite ) and the waterfall . If you close your eyes and just listen to these , you will get a very satisfying peaceful vibe and there really can't be any better start of the morning than this 
    • WHITE NOISE TECHNOLOGY- The speaker features white noise technology which is suitable for yoga, sleeping or even peaceful stimulation . The Maxr® dual subwoofers coupled with our proprietary Beryllium driver technology provides a very smooth and refined sound , way more better than the normal bluetooth speakers with single amplification 
    • BLUETOOTH 5.0 -The speaker has bluetooth 5.0 interface for smooth wireless connection with all your devices including Android , iOS , Laptops and computers 
    • WIRELESS CHARGING FUNCTION -This gadget is not just a high end bluetooth speaker but also a turbo wireless charger and is compatible with all phones which support wireless charging . Just keep the phone on the speaker and it automatically starts charging . Thus you get 2 devices in 1 and it becomes really handy as to you can listen to music while your phone is being charged 
    • SMART TOUCH CONTROL- The in screen smart touch buttons for controlling the volume and pausing/playing the song look really cool and give a luxurious look to the speaker . You can change the nature sounds which the classic while regulator and you get those retro feelings 
    • ANTI SLIP SILICONE COAT-The upper side is coated with anti slip high quality silicone so you don't have to be worried about falling of your phone or scratches on the phone cover 
    • PORTABLE- Being very lightweight and wireless , the speaker can be carried around anywhere thus adding to the convenience 
    • PREMIUM PRODUCT -This is a very high end speaker with a unique blend of nature , design and technology . The minimalistic white design with matte geometric finish makes this speaker look gorgeous and certainly makes it the perfect next accessory for your smart home 


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