Heng Balance Lamp - Smart Magnetic Lamp - Premium Edition


This is happening , this is pure magic !!! The Heng Balance Lamp is not a lamp , it is a revolution . This lamp is a gadget where all three things of a masterpiece i.e design , technology and execution converge . The Heng Lamp is certainly one of the most innovative smart home products of 2021 and surely deserves a spot in your beautiful house 

    • UNBELIEVABLE -Yes, this is really unbelievable. You will keep looking at it yet will not be able to wonder how the magic is happening. You just have to bring the beads closer and see the magical light brighten your room as well as your mood . It is kind of really difficult to integrate such an advanced mechanics into a sleek and curved design of this kind . Thanks to our GRset+ technology , this product came to life as it allowed us to blend in the lamp beads in a cross sectional array thus also acting as a revolution in the lighting industry 

    • PIECE OF ART | CALMS YOUR MIND -The Heng Balance lamp is not just a product but a true piece of art , creativity and technology . It provides a fun, interactive way to brighten a room . The mid-century modern look adds a touch of zen wherever you need a gentle and soothing night light 

    • MAGNETIC LEVITATION | FUTURE TECHNOLOGY  -To illuminate the lamp, simply balance the 2 dangling spheres by attaching them together using the embedded magnets and the magic light turns on ( it will be one of the most amazing and satisfying feelings ever ). It is equipped with smart magnetic levitation technology. When you lift the lower ball , it will be automatically attracted by the other ball and will remain suspended in mid air - thus switching on the light

    • DIMMING FUNCTION | CONTROL THE MOOD - The wooden base of the Heng Lamp acts as a smart touch control surface and you can access it to turn on the dimming function

    • BRIGHTNESS & TEMPERATURE CONTROL- You can control the lighting brightness ( 6 different modes ) and also the temperature setting ( 300K / 600 K ) according to your convenience . The light is warm and bright and creates a soothing , elegant ambience in your room . Your bedroom will look so more gorgeous with the Heng Lamp and it will be surely one of the most innovative things in your house 

    • ADDS A LUXURY TOUCH TO YOUR HOME   Besides being a next-gen cool lamp , the Heng Balance will add a resplendent aesthetic look to your home . Its very versatile and is perfect for bedrooms , tables , study desks , living room and romantic dinners . Being wireless and lightweight it can be easily carried around and kept anywhere thus adding to the convenience