XSociety®️ Electric Magic Wand - Yes it's Real

Ignite the flames of wizardry with our Harry Potter Magic Wand that shoots fire. Harness its untamed power and watch in awe as scorching infernos dance at your command. A bewitching fusion of elegance and danger, this wand will leave a blazing mark on the world of magic ( Yeah guys , sorry for this over done description , all in all it's just the coolest magic wand that actually shoots fireballs ) 
    • WORLD'S COOLEST THING - A Magic Wand that can shoot fireballs - what else do you want in life ??? The XSociety®️ Electric Fire Wand features patented technology and a ravishing hand carved design and it actually feels like you are in Hogwarts

    • SPECIAL FLASH PAPER- We created the revolutionary Firelite®️ Flash Paper which becomes the Fireballs when you launch them from your wand . 5 sets of Flash Paper are included in the package which are enough for about 100 Fireballs and you can always order more anytime !!!

    • USB RECHARGEABLE- The Fire Shooting Wand has an extraordinary Battery Life ( upto 12 hours ) and can be recharged using the included USB Cable

    • THE MYSTICAL DESIGN - The Harry Potter Wand Features intricate designs and engravings inspired by the world of Harry Potter . Imbued with the essence of the finest magical cores, this wand resonates with ancient power and whispers secrets known only to those who wield it

    • HOW TO USE- Tear off some piece from the Flash Paper , make a roll and put it inside the Magic Wand . Now cast some Voodoo Spell ( or maybe not ) , press the Sensor Button on the wand and there you go - you are a wizard shooting fireballs in home