Tomule® Handheld Vacuum Cleaner ( Wireless | Wired )

This handheld vacuum cleaner has an additional twist to it . Beside being an awesome cordless vacuum for your car and home , its also an aromatherapy device and the internal aroma diffusion gives refreshing fragrant vibes to the surroundings
    • 5000 pa suction with 120W power allows for the maximum cleaning efficiency . Signature RSE aviation motor provides deep and quick suction
    • Suitable for both cars & homes - can clean dust , pet hair , food particles , cigarette ash and liquids in an instant
    • The handheld car vacuum cleaner comes in 2 different variants - wired edition and cordless version . The wired model contains long USB wire with car adapter and the cordless version has 2000 mAh rechargeable battery which provides long use time
    • Inbuilt LED lighting gives a cool look to the car vacuum . Single button touch and silicone plated ergonomic handle for comfortable use
    • Washable HEPA filter is detachable and ensures the most efficient microscopic cleaning
    • [ What's New ] - Inbuilt aroma diffuser can be activated by putting in aroma tablets to give your car or home furniture a fresh perfumed environment
    • State of the art Tomule® engineering puts it in the category of most advanced and powerful mini vacuum cleaners ever designed . The aluminium alloy built complements for durable long term use
    • Innovative handheld gun like design makes cleaning fun . Being small and lightweight , it can be easily carried around and is one of the best portable vacuum cleaners for car
    • Numerous complementary accessories for hard to reach areas and 360° cleaning
    • Aromatherapy vacuumInbuilt LED Lightingconfutable design of the vacuum cleanerother accessories included