Norm® Precison Max ( Golf Rangefinder )

Introducing Norm® Precision- the most advanced and accurate laser golf rangefinder for professional level golfing . Its one of the most reputed laser rangefinders in the industry and you really can't go wrong with this purchase 
    • PREMIUM PRODUCT - This is a very high end laser rangefinder by Norm® Technologies  and we recommend that you invest in this only if you are involved in professional golfing or you are a hunting enthusiast 
    • 1500 METRE RANGE / 6X MAGNIFICATION  - The Norm Precision has a real 1500 metres detection capacity with a 6X magnification thus making it the most advanced laser rangefinder in the market
    • GOLF PINSEEKER MODE- The Pinseeker Mode can be used for accurately measuring the distance to a flagpole .Under this mode, the product is able to separate the flagpole from the clutter (such as trees and bushes) in the background. Only the distance to the pole would be displayed , thus providing you with the most accurate results 
    • SINGLE DISTANCE MEASURE MODE - Just aim at a target object , press the button and distance would be automatically displayed on the LED Screen . The laser beam is very fast and it won't take even a second to measure the distance
    • CONTINUOUS DISTANCE MEASURE MODE - When you long press the power button , you enter the continuous detection mode and the distance is displayed in real time as you move the device according top the object . This is a really useful feature especially in hunting 
    • SPEED CALCULATION- This is one of the very few laser rangefinders that also measure the speed of the object. Aim at the object and short press the power button . Keep aiming as the object moves until the speed is displayed on the LED Screen ( we know it seems a bit complex to use but don't worry everything is very clearly explained in the instruction manual
    • FOG MODE- The Infrared Fog Mode works accurately even in foggy and rainy weather and  is thus very useful while travelling in fog to measure distance to an object 
    • HEIGHT MEASURE / ANGLE MEASURE MODE- This is the feature which makes it the most professional golf ragefinder ever . You can use the device to measure the angle between the target and the rangefinder . Also the smart chip inside it can do trigonometric calculations and thus you can find the height of an object too 
    • PORTABLE  - Being lightweight and small , you can very easily carry it in your golf bag or hunting pack . The package comes with a premium protective case in which you can store the rangefinder 
    • MULTIPURPOSE- In addition to Golf , its also a great hunting rangefinder for hunting , for surveys , for mechanical work , nature sightseeing , camping etc . 

    Grey Technologies is the exclusive official seller of the Norm® Precision Max Laser Rangefinder . All rights reserved and protected