Its the time you say goodbye to those boring traditional USB cables . These glowing magnetic cables are magical - you can literally see the waves flowing through it and these are must for the tech lovers 
    • ADVANCED GLOWING TECHNOLOGY - The smart internal chips creates a flowing LED Glowing effect which looks really really cool and seems as if the data line is breathing . At night , it looks so beautiful and trust us , charging your phone would never have been so much fun 
    • ADVANCED MAGNETIC CABLE -No need to always plug the cable to charge your phone . Just take it closer to the phone and the strong magnet ( our patented 3.0 Neo S ) will automatically attach and start charging . It becomes very convenient and also a lot more safer 
    • ULTRA FAST CHARGING-As the USB charging cables are made for professional purposes, the charging speed is very high ( 1.8 times higher than your traditional cables ). Say earlier it took about 1.5 hours to charge your phone , thus cable will only take 50 minutes or so 
    • ALL TYPES OF DEVICES- The glowing cable comes in three variants - for android ( Micro USB ) , for iOS ( lightning cable ) and USB Type C cable 
    • SMART OVERCHARGE PROTECTION -The inbuilt smart sensors in the charging cable prevents your device from overcharging and thus keeps your battery safe even if you sometimes forget to turn of the switch 
    • PREMIUM GRADE DURABLE MATERIAL - The cable is manufactured using industry standard tough material which provides ultra long durability and prevents it from wear and tear . Its designed to give a very long life time and is really very sturdy 

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