Soaiy® Fusion Pro - Bluetooth Gaming Speaker

Saludos Audiophiles !!! The Soaiy® Fusion Pro is here to take your Music Game to the next level . Featuring a mix of the finest engineering , next generation sound system and a breathtaking futuristic design , the Fusion Pro is undoubtedly one of the best gaming speakers ever built and certainly a must have for the Real Music Lovers

    • WORLD'S BEST GAMING SPEAKER - With a production of mere 1000 pieces every year , the Soaiy® Fusion Pro in undoubtedly the King of Bluetooth Gaming Speakers . The spiffing sound technology coupled with a one of its kind design takes your immersive experience to a whole another level !!!
    • MAGICAL SOUND EXPERIENCE - Featuring Soaiy's proprietary Multi-Diaphragm technology , this Portable Speaker provides a rich Hi-Fi Sound experience like none other . The unobstructed 360° sound is crisp and loud with an outstanding treble experience and a peak high power upto 30 W !!!
    • COOLEST DESIGN EVER | STEAMPUNK MECHANICAL KEYBOARD - The design of this Bluetooth Gaming Speaker is like heaven for a gamer's eyes . The Sony Ericsson SHI19 button adopts steampunk Mechanical Keyboard Control technology, which greatly improves the touch of both hands , easily realises accurate positioning , content selection and comfort of use
    • TRANSPARENT BODY DESIGN + RGB GAMUT - The gorgeous Transparent Pexiglasses of the Speaker has beee designed through the combination of multiple processes and features aircraft engine appearance design . Coupled with the professional RGB lighting mechanism , this Portable Gaming Speaker by Soaiy® will certainly take your Setup to new heights
    • WIRED + WIRELESS MODE ( MULTIPLE INTERFACES ) - This portable Gaming Speaker by Soaiy® supports advanced Bluetooth 5.0 connection as well as wired Aux Input to suit every gamer . The speaker also supports TF Card , USB Input , Hub , U Disc and AUV and thus can be also used as an Outdoor Speaker , Party Speaker or a mini Soundbar Speaker for your Home Theatre !!!
    • A SIGNATURE TECH PRODUCT - The Soaiy® Fusion Pro Wireless Speaker is an ultimate result of the finest tech engineering , highest grade sound equipments and months of rigorous testing procedures . It features years of unparalleled durability and power and will change your music experience forever !!!