Its time you enter the league of professional gaming triggers and take your FPP gaming skills to another level. And thus this premium gaming trigger by GameSir ®is the perfect gadget for you !!

    • PATENTED GAMESIR MECHANICS -The F2 is specially designed for professional level gamers and is considered industry standard in gaming triggers. The specially designed double layered mechanical heads provide you the most smoother gaming experience
    • SPECIAL CASE -The most amazing feature is that the specially designed which attaches to  your mobile phone to provide full controller like experience
    • ZERO DELAY-The F2 Trigger claims a zero lag and zero delay shooting assistance which is great when you are involved in intense royal battle
    • DUAL SHOOTING CLIPS -The special dual mode clips enable you to simultaneously shoot from both sides by switching angles  
    • EASY TO USE-Very easy and simple to use. The Gear Switch Button allow you to change the shooting modes easily
    • COOL DESIGN-The artistically designed case and the off-white trigger combination looks really professional and cool !!!

    Grey Technologies is the exclusive official seller of the F2. All rights reserved and protected