Baseus ® Water Foam gun for Car Wash - With Magic Expandable Pipe

Size of the Pipe ( When Water Injected )

If you are still using those traditional boring hose pipes to clean you car , then its the time you upgrade . This smart water foam gun with a revolutionary magic pipe from Baseus® will make your morning cleaning routines much more fun and of course much more easier 

    • ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY -This car wash kit by Baseus® is the word''s most powerful and efficient foam gun ever designed . The smart washing gun is equipped with the Dual Mechanical pressure technology for ultra speedy and high pressure flow of water to achieve a perfect car wash in all scenarios . The water is pressurised first through the expandable pipe and then through the high pressure water pump in the gun 
    • WATER FOAM GUN- The gun shaped foam sprayer makes the car cleaning process really easy as it directs water on a specific area in the quantity required . The one touch trigger button feels amazing to use and the foam gun can be rotated to change the water outlet type- singular column mode , pointed umbrella mode and extended umbrella mode 
    • THE MAGIC PIPE- The magic water pipe is the thing which makes this gadget the most unique in its category . Being designed from the proprietary TewrkPro® TPE and explosion proof network weaving , the pipe can expand itself 3X when water is passed through it . Thus it comes in really handy as the storage space of the pipe is just 10m and when connected to the facet it expands to 30 metres and you can clean your car efficiently 
    • ZERO LEAKAGE- The omni angular copper screw fixing seals the space outlets tightly and there is absolutely no risk of leakage or pipe burst even at full pressure 
    • FULL CAR WASH- The foam gun is suitable for cleaning each and every part of the car including the windows and doors , handles , trunks , roof and the bottom ware . You can change the mode or adjust the water pressure according to the situation making it a very versatile car wash kit 
    • THE MATERIAL USED- Being designed from the most high quality proprietary TPE and net mesh , the magic water pipe boasts of exceptional durability and doesn't show any signs of wear or tear for years . The water gun is built of pure copper and galvanised aluminium alloy thus is 100% rust free giving it an increased usage life 
    • ADD SOAP OR SHAMPOO- The foam gun also supports installation of external soap container in which you can add shampoo or liquid soap for even better car wash . Thus the device can be used as a normal water spray gun or also a foam sprayer 
    • UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY  - The package comes with 3 universal standard faucet joints which allows you to easily install the pipe to your garden or courtyard  tap and draw water from there 
    • NOT ONLY FOR CAR CLEANING- This is not only a great water spray gun for cars but also perfect for watering plants and garden , washing gates or walls or also cleaning your garage floor 
    • THE DESIGN- You have to agree that this is probably the most beautifully designed car wash spray ever . The Nordic gun design with an equally polished matte surface surely makes it one of the best car accessories one can own 
    • PREMIUM PRODUCT - This is a premium product under our Car Accessories category and the high price absolutely complements to the superior quality and ease of use you get 

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