The Flynova Mini | World's Coolest Fidget Spinner

Guys , this is NEXT LEVEL FUN !!! This flying fidget spinner is the coolest fidget toy ever and its like a gravity toy , spinner , hover craft and a boomerang all in one . And yes , we know its a lot expensive as a fidget spinner but trust us , those satisfying vibes you are gonna get while playing with this , will surely make it worth
    • THE FLYING FIDGET SPINNER- Being powered by the proprietary MacerPlus® Suspension technology and 4 inbuilt Power Motors , this cool fidget spinner can fly in the air like a mini hover UFO . You just have to throw it in the air and it starts the 360° spins and flight which is really very cool
    • 🪃 BOOMERANG OR FIDGET SPINNER ?- This is what builds the Flynova HYPE . This little boy is an electric boomerang and it flies back to you when you throw it in the air at a tilted angle ( P.S - it takes some practice to master this feature but once you do , its a hell lot of fun )
    • OTHER COOL STUNTS- Flynova is a creative viral beast . You can play stuff like throw & catch ( very satisfying ) , do Dude Perfect kind of stuff , use the ' Bounce and Spin ' Feature , 360° Spins , Target Shot and literally the games are endless
    • THE BEST PART | CORE RGB ARRAY- The RBG Lighting pattern is just super duper lit . Flying and spinning with ultra chic LED lights , the Flynova certainly looks like a Tony Stark kinda toy especially at night
    • INDESTRUCTIBLE FIDGET SPINNER | 100% SAFE- When you combine a pure Level 3 Silicone body with our anti-collision technology , it makes this cool Fidget Spinner scratch-proof , fall proof and ultra-durable . Plus , there is an On/Off Switch on the side and the enclosed wheel design ( aerodynamic ) protects your hands while spinning it up and performing tricks thus making it 100% safe for kids too
    • RECHARGEABLE- We ain't boasting but just tell us , have you ever seen a fidget spinner that is rechargeable ??? Well , the Flynova has an inbuilt Li-ion battery which lasts for around 8 hours and charging takes about 15 minutes with standard USB Cable or power bank