Wavemusic® Levitating Bluetooth Speaker - Magical Floating Speaker


Yes , this is happening . Guys , this is freaking crazy !!! . This levitating speaker is a breakthrough in the music tech industry and we are really excited to bring this awesome gadget to you . Just imagine how cool it would be to listen to music from your speaker while its flying in the damm air  

    • PREMIUM PRODUCT - This is a high end tech product under the Wavemusic® & Grey Technologies collaborations and is certainly one of the most innovative gadgets of the decade . No such device has been able to integrate such a high quality music system into an anti-gravity device and that too under a price of 100 bucks 
    • PATENTED LEVITATION TECHNOLOGY- The floating speaker works our G32 S Core patented anti-rotor magnetic levitation technology which allows to eliminate proportional gravity in a small area and makes the speaker levitate and revolve in mid air 
    • 360° ROTATION- When the music turned on , the speaker calibrates with the sound waves and starts rotating in the air 360° which looks so gorgeous that you won't be able to rake your eyes off it
    • ULTRA HD SOUND- The levitating speaker features the flagship Maxer® dual subwoofers coupled with the Beryllium Driver amplification technology to deliver you one of the most high quality rich surround sound . You will have a music experience like never before with a remarkably immersive bass 
    • SPECIAL MUSIC CONE- The internal Casele encore sound cone enhances and refines the audio waves and makes the whole room like a concert hall . This floating speaker , a few bottles of beer and some Cheetos is all you need to have a great Sunday party at your home 
    • BLUETOOTH 5.0- Advanced Bluetooth 5.0 interface for seamless wireless connection with all your devices including iOS , Android , laptops , PCs and smart TVs 
    • ELEGANT LED GRADIENT- The alluring RGB light LED Gradient of the speaker looks really cool especially at night and gives a marvellous futuristic vibe in your room 
    • SAFETY CHIP FOR POWER FAILURE - In case of power failure, the C232 Tyen® smart chip detects it and the speaker automatically sticks to the above holder thus preventing any breaking or damage of the speaker ball 
    • SMART TOUCH BUTTONS- You can use the smart touch buttons on the upper surface of the speaker to change music settings , adjust volume , control lighting and rotation 
    • HANDS FREE CALLING- The floating speaker has inbuilt Hi-Fi microphone so you can enjoy hands free calling and voice assistant access on the go 
    • PORTABLE AND LIGHTWEIGHT- Being inspired by special Solshen geometrics and ABS material construction , the speaker is very portable and can be easily carried around thus making it very versatile . Its perfect for your gaming room , bedroom or living room 
    • LARGE BATTERY LIFE- It has an inbuilt 800 mAh lithium battery chip easily giving you upto 14 hours of continuous music playback on one single charge . It can be conveniently recharged through the included USB Cable 
    • THE VIBES- We can't just explain her in words what a breathtaking feeling you are gonna experience by seeing this awesome speaker levitating in air playing your favourite playlist . This can take any surroundings to the next level and everybody who sees this goes crazy for it 
    • DESIGN AWARDS - We are proud to share with you that this gadget has won numerous design awards including the AFA Design'21 . This gadget is a perfect blend of futuristic creative design coupled with next generation technology and we hope you'll appreciate it 
    • THE PERFECT GIFT- Whether its your tech lover girlfriend or it is your parents' birthday , this floating speaker is just there to impress . This is really one of the most unique gifts you can give to someone and you can't go wrong with this purchase 
    Grey Technologies is the exclusive official seller of the Wavemusic® Floating Speaker . All rights reserved and protected