AirWear® Max Smart Watch for Women


Need to take care of your daily fitness goals ?? This smart fitness tracker will take care if it 


    • FITNESS EDITION - The Airwear Max is designed and created specially for fitness and personal care. The watch is used by professional athletes and even recommended by fitness trainers . With 12 sport modes , smart sleep management tracking and 7/24 heart -monitor, this little gadget is certainly the most valuable gadgets of 2020
    • 12 SPORT MODES - The watch features 12 sporting modes - jogging, fast walking, biking, climbing, cycling, spinning, yoga, indoor running, gym, free training, basketball , football and swimming . All the modes have different interfaces and statistics
    • APP CONTROL - The smartphone app can be used to monitor and check all the data about your activities which is compatible with both Android and iOS
    • INBUILT SMART 3.0 CHIP - The inbuilt smart patented chip gives you the most accurate and reliable data with 100 % precision
    • 24/7 HEART MONITOR- The smart heart rate monitor can accurately monitor your heart condition and if any abnormalities are detected , it automatically sends you notifications
    • CALORIE COUNT - The watch can help you remain committed to your fitness goals by providing accurate data about the calories burned in a day
    • MANAGE YOUR SLEEP - The watch helps you to track ,monitor and schedule your sleeping cycle
    • OTHER FUNCTIONS - Apart from fitness , the watch also caters to other functions like notifications, Find Phone, Timer , Stopwatch, Real Time Weather , Music Control , Calling etc
    • 3 LEVEL WATERPROOF- The watch is 100 % waterproof and can be used during swimming, bathing , boating without any risk of damage
    • 30 DAYS BATTERY LIFE - The watch haas 600 mAh Large battery which provides a battery life upto 30 days with one single charge
    • MINIMALISTIC - The AirWear Max is one of the most minimalistic and professional women fitness watches available in the market . The micro bezel face and frosted back looks really cool ans sleek


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