AeroGuard®️ V10 Smart Fingerprint Padlock - The Future of Secure Access


Unlock the power of advanced security with AeroGuard V10, a cutting-edge fingerprint padlock designed for the modern world. AeroGuard V10 combines state-of-the-art biometric technology with sleek, futuristic design, offering unparalleled convenience and security in one compact device

    • INSTANT SECURE AI ACCESS | UNMATCHED SPEED -Say goodbye to traditional keys and combination codes. With AeroGuard V10 Fingerprint Lock, you can unlock your padlock in a fraction of a second. The advanced fingerprint sensor recognizes your unique fingerprint with lightning-fast precision, ensuring that your belongings are always secure and easily accessible

    • PERSONALISED SECURITY | STORES 10 UNIQUE FINGERPRINTS- AeroGuard V10 biometric padlock allows you to store up to 10 unique fingerprints, making it perfect for personal or shared use. Whether it's securing your gym locker, school locker, backpack, or toolbox, AeroGuard V10 provides customizable access for trusted individuals . Our fingerprint padlock features G63 Core biometric fingerprint module, with the latest secure algorithm logic technology, providing the highest level of security for your belongings

    • 1 YEAR BATTERY LIFE | USB C RECHARGEABLE -Being the most advanced fingerprint lock on the market , one single charge lasts upto around 365 days . The smart fingerprint lock will stay securely locked even if the battery runs out. Simply connect it to a USB power bank to instantly resume normal operation. When the battery level is low, a red light will blink for approximately 6 seconds upon activation, reminding you to recharge promptly with the included USB cable

    • IP68 WATERPROOF | 100% ATTACK RESISTANT METAL- AeroGuard V10 Fingerprint Smart Lock boasts an IP68 waterproof rating, ensuring that it remains fully functional in any weather condition, whether it’s heavy rain or dusty environments. Crafted from the highest grade metal and built with precision engineering, this fingerprint padlock is designed to withstand physical attacks and extreme conditions, providing robust protection for your valuables wherever you go

    • MINIMALISTIC STYLISH DESIGN | PERFECT FOR DAILY USE- AeroGuard V10 Fingerprint Padlock isn't just about security—it's a statement of style. Featuring a distinctive shape and vibrant colors, this padlock stands out from the crowd. Meticulously crafted to balance robustness and portability, AeroGuard V10 Smart Lock is both durable and lightweight, making it the perfect companion for your daily adventures

    • EASY TO USE AND REGISTER FINGERPRINTS -Registering your fingerprint with AeroGuard V10 fingerprint lock is a breeze. Simply press the sensor until the blue light appears, then lift your finger and press it again five times as the green light blinks. A green light confirms a successful registration, while a red light indicates a need to try again. Detailed instructions are available in the user manual for additional settings and troubleshooting ( Once the first fingerprint is recorded , only it can be used to authorise other fingerprints )