Introducing the Grey Smart Fingerprint Lock - world's most advanced and versatile smart lock for domestic use . Guys , we agree that this is really expensive than a normal lock but we assure that this will be one of the most useful home accessories you purchase and also if you are into smart home gadgets , then this lock is a must for you 

    • SMART FINGER ENCRYPTION -The fingerprint lock is equipped with our patented 3.0 Grey Encrypt technology which is currently the most secure biometric tech for mini locks . This helps to keep your almirahs ,doors and personal cabinets completely safe while allowing 100% correct fingerprint detection 
    • 360° SMART DETECTION-The device works on the 360° smart detect feature which provides a ultra high open speed of 0.2 seconds and the processing is always correct 
    • IPX6 WATERPROOF-The fingerprint padlock is triple insulated and is thus 100% resistant to any amount of water exposure and can also be used outdoors 
    • 10 FINGERPRINTS-This can store upto 10 different fingerprints thus gives easy access to the whole family . And also its not that anyone can come and input his/her fingerprint in the lock . Only the administrator can allow the storage of a new fingerprint thus making it completely safe ( Everything is explained in detail in the instruction manual ) 
    • 150 DAYS STANDBY & USB Charging -One full charge lasts upto 6 months and the lock can be charged using the included USB cable making it very convenient to use 
    • OUR PATENTED TECH- This smart lock uses our patented home security systems and so you can always be sure about the efficiency of our home-security products . Also there is a battery indicator mode and even if the battery is finished , the padlock will go into safe mode and remain locked until charged 
    • MULTI -USE- This gadget can be used in ton of applications as a fingerprint lock for cabinets , lockers , drawers , gun safes , luggage bags , jewellery boxes , doors and much more 
    • COOL DESIGN-The smart lock's design is really minimalistic and cool which is perfect for the modern smart homes