External Speaker for Phone

Rose Gold

Mobile sound not enough ? Then this is the gadget for you !!!

    • This is a next-gen smart external speaker for your mobile phone which will enhances and amplifies your phone sound by 4 times and will let you enjoy your games, movies ,e-books , fitness workouts and podcasts with much more fun
    • Connects to your phone with the advanced 3W AUX Jack so it is compatible with all types of phones
    • Internal dual magnetic subwoofers coupled with triple crystal core amplification for uniform and clear loud bass
    • Built in rechargeable lithium battery so when playing, it will not consume phones's battery
    • Suitable for all types of mobile phones, tablets ,game consoles and also laptops with AUX Jack
    • 3.5mm small size so easily fits in the pocket
    • Matte modern design which looks really cool