Encrypted Pen Drive (64 GB)


Worried about the safety of your files and documents ? With this little gadget , you will no longer have to worry about that

    • ✅ENCRYPTION-This Pen Drive is secured by Biometric Lock System which facilitates privacy and safety of your personal files. 360 Degree smart finger print detection for higher efficiency
    • ✅SPEED-This Pen drive consists of highest grade internal microchips which provide a very high rate of data transfer (about 35mb/sec ) and high read and write speed
    • ✅INTERFACE-USB 3.0 Flash Drive smart interface which is considered industry standard in pen drives
    • ✅CAPACITY-64 GB High Capacity so you Kan store as much data as you want without any reduction in speed or efficiency
    • ✅COOL DESIGN-Designed precisely and skilfully for professional use and for businessmen

    We know guys that the price is bit high but this pen drive is manufactured using industry grade material specially for professionals. You'll love the quality and efficiency