Are you that type of person who is too much specific about your cooking ??? 🍳👩‍🍳👨🏼‍🍳

 44.6 gm of carrots, 22.8gm of peas, 4gm of salt ⚖️ ??  Don't Worry, we got you covered. This smart kitchen scale is the perfect gadget for all those cooking perfectionists and will take your cooking to even higher level 

    • 🍳KITCHEN EDITION -This electronic scale for kitchen is specially designed and manufactured for professional cooking and kitchen tasks and is perfectly suited for weighing ingredients , fruits , vegetables etc. 
    • 🍳HIGH PRECISION -The scale is equipped with  STE+ 5.0 smart sensing microchips which provide the most accurate and reliable weight data with an error value of ± 0.1gm which is really amazing
    • 🍳SPECIAL TARE FUNCTION -The scale is equipped with an inbuilt special technology which allows you to subtract the weight of the container in which ingredients are kept and it comes in really handy when you are cooking exactly like a pre built recipe or YouTube video 
    • 🍳ACCUMULATION FUNCTIONS - The smart accumulation function allows you to check the total aggregated weight of multiple items at a time which adds to the convenience 
    • 🍳UNIT SELECTION -  The kitchen scale provides a variety of units like grams, kilograms , millilitres , oz and pounds so can be applicable for all types of users 
    • 🍳FULLY WATERPROOF AND WASHABLE - Equipped with IPX5 waterproof technology so it can be washed easily and is totally resistant to water and liquids ( for better use , wipe it with a dry cloth after washing ) 
    • 🍳AUTOMATIC CALIBRATION- The electronic kitchen scale automatically calibrates when started and also shut downs automatically when not used for a while 
    • 🍳LARGE BATTERY LIFE- It has an inbuilt 450 mAh battery which can easily provide upto 3-4 days of standby depending upon the use . The scale can be charged by the included C Type Cable and takes about 30 minutes to fully charge 
    • 🍳100% SAFE -The scale is made of very high quality food grade material so it is completely safe for your food as well as your body. The silicone layering removes the scope for germs or bacteria on the surface . You can be 100 % assured about the safety of all our kitchen gadgets 
    • 🍳MINIMALISTIC DESIGN -This is a very minimalistic and high end kitchen scale and the matte textured finish gives it an amazing look , making it the perfect accessory for your kitchen