Grey® G Max Electric Arc Lighter

We have finally created the M32 plasma chip system ( took us 11 months ) and so here it is - world's most efficient , safe and badass electric arc lighter . Not only you will be taken aback by the smooth ignition technology but also by the stylish iconic design that the G Max provides
    • STATE OF THE ART PLASMA TECHNOLOGY- The electric lighter works on dual arc plasma mechanism . The arc lighters uses an instant spark to create a plasma conduit between the RN2 electrodes, which is then maintained by a lower voltage . The flameless purple hued spark ( which looks really cool ) can light up any candle , cigarette or anything in a millisecond and the lighting is much more efficient , safe and stylish
    • FLAMELESS THUS SAFE- The electric plasma lighter is completely flameless and thus it is much safer than traditional volatile lighters and thus easily can be carried in the pocket . Another safety purpose is that it works on lithium battery and not any toxic chemical or butane and they won't crack spilling toxic lighter fluid . Also, when capped or turned off, Electric Lighters won't produce an accidental spark as its in the case of butane lighters
    • SMART TOUCH BUTTON- The G Max plasma lighter can be turned on or off using the finger touch button on the screen of the lighter . Also the arc can be turned off by just closing the magnetic metal lid of the lighter thus adding to the convenience
    • USB CHARGING- The electric lighter work on an inbuilt 350 mAh lithium battery and can be recharged easily thought the included USB cable . The proprietary H&C® smart chip prevents excess use of battery thus giving it a battery life of around 72 hours on 1 single charge . You can check the current battery level by seeing the LED indicator on the glass screen of the electric lighter
    • COOL CURRENT SOUND- When you light it up , the current makes a kind of techy electric sound which is really amazing
    • THE SAFETY FEATURES- The Grey® G Max is certainly the safest electric lighter and also the safest lighter in general . The RL348 safety system provides 6 safety features - overcharge protection , discharge protection , AI temperature control , tripe metallic insulation , 3.0 USB safe charging and finally the current conduction protection . With all these features packed into a single arc lighter , you can't really go wrong about the purchase
    • THE DESIGN & BUILT- It looks really cool and chic . The gorgeous glass matte screen with RGB lights and integrated touch buttons is perfect as your signature cigar lighter or also for day to day purposes like lighting candles , stove , incense lamps etc .
    • VERY VERSATILE / PERFECT FOR CAMPING- Being so small , lightweight and portable , you can carry the plasma lighter anywhere . It's weather resistant and also works in rainy conditions ( as there is no flame ) and thus it's perfectly suitable for camping trips , expeditions etc.
    • HOW TO USE IT- The G Max electric lighter is really very simple to use . When charged , just open the metal lid , start the current using the finger touch button on the side and bring the object into the dual arc that you want to ignite . After you are done , you can put off the plasma current by either using the touch screen or just shutting the lid