Electric Melon Seed Machine

Yes guys , finally it is here . This is the world's first electric melon shelling machine and if you are one of those who regularly take melon seeds , then there is no way you are not getting this machine for yourself ( and the bonus part - you get those cringy emotions of the machine too πŸ˜…)
    • AUTOMATIC MELON SEED SHELLING- The smart melon peeler automatically removes the shell of the melon seeds making it edible to eat . Just put the seeds into the machine and you are good to go
    • OPTICAL DETECTION TECH- The melon seeds peeler works on our patented optical detection technology wherein the system detects the shell and the inbuilt dual shaft rotor automatically removes the shell
    • DETECTS BAD AND GOOD SEEDS- The most amazing part of our machine is that the AI chip detects the bad seeds ( which contain Aflatoxin ) and discards them thus making it 100% safe for your health
    • 100% SAFE- The machine is designed using 100% food grade material and silica thus making it totally safe to consume the seeds
    • FINGER SAFETY FEATURE- The MCU system prevents any chance of injury to your finger while loading the seeds thus making it convenient to use
    • LONG BATTERY LIFE- The battery life is very long and one single charge can easily work for a week or so
    • ANYONE CAN USE IT- Guys , we have designed the machine as simple as we can . You just have to put the seeds in the dock and the machine will automatically remove the shell for you :)