3 in 1 Electric Lighter Tool ( Plasma Lighter + Watch + Flashlight )

Guys , this electric lighter has a very cool twist to it !!! It's not just an awesome USB plasma lighter but also features as a great LED flashlight and a pocket watch . It's one of our best multi-tools and certainly is a must-have for your Camping Gear 
    • THE ELECTRIC LIGHTER FUNCTION- Being powered by our next-gen plasma conduit technology , this electric lighter uses electric current to ignite things rather than any volatile chemical thus making it super easy and cool to use
    • THE POCKET WATCH FUNCTION- Manage and schedule your routine on the go with the most portable and classic pocket watch ever . The frosted glass screen with metallic side crown looks super stylish and the inbuilt Dual Lacquer Crystal mechanism maintains the maximum watch time precision
    • THE FLASHLIGHT FUNCTION - Need emergency light when you are camping ? Our electric lighter got you covered . Just press the single touch button on the back to turn on the turbo bright flash light and it comes really handy in night situations
    • WINDPROOF | FLAMELESS | SMOKELESS- This is a 100% waterproof and windproof lighter as there is no volatile flame . Also there is zero smoke emission making it much more environment friendly than traditional lighters
    • USB RECHARGEABLE- You never have to refill your lighter again . Just recharge it with the included USB Cable and you are good to go for 2 weeks approx . You can also charge it just with your power bank or adapter
    • THE DESIGN AND BUILT- If you are collector of badass chic lighters , then this one certainly deserves a place in the Tier 1 of your collection . The ultralight portable design makes it pocket friendly and the Core S aluminium built promises years of durability and efficiency