XSociety®️ Electric LED Sticker - WANTED

Guys this is another level of DOPE - This may actually be the coolest and the most illegal thing we ever launched .  This is the ultimate way to make your vehicle stand out from the crowd and turn heads wherever you go !!!
    • GTA 5 STUFF -The Electric LED Wanted Sticker will transport your Automobile to Los Santos . The Sticker looks so cool . This cutting-edge car accessory is designed to enhance your car's appearance and add a touch of personality to your ride

    • MAGNETIC BASE | SIMPLE INSTALLATION -The patented electromagnetic base sticks to the windows , dashboard , doors of the car to give it that magnificent upgrade

    • ELECTRIC REMOTE CONTROL | 5 MODES -The electric controller can be used to change the modes of the Wanted Sign to Solid Light Up ,Fast Flashing ,Slow Flashing, Animationand Sound activated ( Play your own music in the car and watch your sticker react to the Dr. Dre songs - damn that's cool )

    • COOLEST CAR ACCESSORY- This is hands down the coolest and gangsta level car accessory ever designed ( guys please be little careful with the authorities , this might get you into big time trouble )

    • THE DESIGN -The advanced 3D Printed design looks amazing in your car and you would really have a great time turning this on in the streets