The Fruit Bot® ( Electric Fruit Peeler )

Guys- this electric fruit peeler might be the most useful and coolest kitchen gadget we have ever launched for you . You would now never have to peel a fruit or vegetable with your hands again . Vegans all over the world are going crazy for this and we are sure you will love it 
    • REVOLUTIONARY TECHNOLOGY- The Fruit Bot works on the patented intelligent technology which operates through a system of a smart internal chip integrated with programmable arm ( in simple words, you just have to keep the fruit or vegetable in the robot and the job is done within 30 seconds )
    • NEVER USE YOUR HANDS AGAIN- Whether you are having your salad or you are cooking dinner, you would never ever have to use your hands again to peel those tons of fruits and veggies . Just put it in our Fruit Bot and you are good to go !!!
    • ULTRA FAST OPERATION- The electric fruit peeler machine peels any fruit or vegetable completely in less than 30 seconds which is absolutely amazing 
    • UNIVERSAL- The robot works with 90% of the fruits and vegetables . Just fit the fruit or vegetable in the clamp , bring the arm closer and just press the switch . The device can automatically detect the type of object and peel accordingly 
    • FOOD GRADE- As always , this gadget is also made of the most high quality food grade certified material with triple layered insulation so its completely safe for you and your children . Also as there is no hand touching - the method is more hygienic than traditional knife cleaning
    • VERY EASY OPERATION- The operation is so easy that even kids can use it . And also the peel is removed in a symmetric way which is very easy to dispose off afterwards
    • ULTRA COOL- Apart from its uses , this is a really cool kitchen gadget  . You will have an amazing experience just sitting back and watching this cute little bot performing its task

    Grey Technologies is the exclusive official seller of The Fruit Bot® . All rights reserved and protected

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