Wannafree® Electric Candle Lighter - USB Candle Lighter

Frost Blue

This USB candle lighter by Wannafree® is NEXT LEVEL . Its made specially for candles and stoves and is one of the coolest electronic lighters from our whole Range . The flexible 360° neck of this lighter coupled with single arc technology makes it perfect and trust us , lighting your candles could never have been so much fun !!!

    • FLAMELESS CANDLE LIGHTER- Being powered by plasma arc technology , the Wannafree® Candle Lighter does not produce any flame or smoke thus is environment friendly and safe for use
    • CANDLE LIGHTING MADE FUN- With such a cool electric lighter like this one , even a boring task like lighting candles becomes interesting . Its kind of cool to convert electric current into fire and the techy sound that electric candle lighters make is really satisfying and addicting
    • UPGRADED FLEXIBLE NECK | SIMPLE USE- Our upgraded version features an integrated long silicone neck which can be rotated and bent 360° to suit all situations and thus its the go-to electric lighter for Candles , Aroma Candles , Gas Stoves and even your BBQ Grills
    • RECHARGEABLE CANDLE LIGHTER- No Butane , No Refills , No Hassle . Just charge your USB Candle Lighter with the included USB Cable , Power Bank or Laptop and you are good to go . Plus the LED Indicators on the side notify when battery is low , thus making things easier
    • WIND-RESISTANT AND 100% WATERPROOF- As the electronic lighter uses a plasma arc , it can be used even in windy conditions or near a home fan . Being fully waterproof , it becomes really versatile and practical for use
    • SAFETY FEATURES- The Wannafree® Arc Candle Lighter has been tested under our Level 3 QC Programme and is DGM + CE certified . The Smart Safety Switch eliminates any risk of accidental fire . Also as the electronic lighter contains no toxic chemical , its way more safer and portable than traditional lighters