Trixy® Cute Egg Yolk Separator

Separating the Yolk from Eggs had never been so much fun before !!! This simple yet genius egg separator tool by Trixy® is certainly one of the best Kitchen Gadgets of 2022 and will make your Egg Recipes so much convenient to execute 
    • ADORABLE AND EASY EGG SEPARATOR- Our Chick Egg Separator Tool makes it super simple to separate egg white from the yolk . Just pour the whole egg into the tool and that's it !!! JOB Well Done 
    • NO MESS AT ALL - No more mess in the kitchen trying to separate the egg . Using Trixy® , the egg white flows out from the mouth of the chicken while the yolk remains in the separator which can be removed and stored 
    • MULTIPLE EGGS AT A TIME - The cute egg yolk separator has a large storage area thus it can conveniently separate 3-4 eggs at a time thus speeding up your Breakfast Tasks
    • 🐥CRAFTY CHICK DESIGN - Holder of the Design Award at NYE FoodFest ' 22 , this gorgeous little chick egg separator will look great in your kitchen and will be one of your most useful kitchen gadgets 
    • PREMIUM GRADE CERAMICS- Complying with the Trixy® Quality Standards , this egg yolk separator is built using then highest grade Ceramic thus making it 100 % Fall-Proof , Rust-Proof and can be easily washed directly with water . It can also be used in a Dishwasher or Microwave 
    • EGG WHITE OR EGG YOLK ? - Egg Whites are  high in protein yet low in calories, fat, and cholesterol — making them a good food to include in your eating plan if you're trying to lose weight . On the other hand ,  Egg Yolks are the yellow part at the center of an egg. They contain high levels of cholesterol but also provide a range of vital nutrients and health benefits