Rexmax® Survival USB Arc Lighter - Electric + Gas Lighter

Frost Black
Frost Blue
This awesome cool lighter by Rexmax® is 2 in 1 . Not only is it an excellent electric lighter but also works as a traditional gas lighter so you can light your cigar in any way you want !!! Its one of the Best USB Lighters in our whole Collection and also makes a great camping / survival accessory
    • 2 IN 1 UNIQUE LIGHTER- The Rexmax® Plasma Lighter is the only lighter in the world that is an electric lighter as well as a normal gas lighter . So you can either charge your lighter with a USB Cable or just refill the gas , either way you are never gonna go out of fire !!!
    • ULTRA LONG BATTERY LIFE- Being a dual lighter , it features a 70% longer battery life than any other lighter on the market . The charing lasts for about 7-8 days and the lighter gas endures for about 4-5 months before you need to refill it again
    • SUPER COOL DESIGN- Gotta impress someone ? Rexmax® got your back !!! The metallic matte design coupled with mechanical One Touch Switches and LED Display makes it your perfect cigarette swag accessory and looks dope while carrying around
    • SAFETY | WINDPROOF | WATERPROOF- The electric mode of the arc lighter doesn't produce any flame or smoke and thus it makes it a 100% waterproof and windproof lighter . The smart Maxer® chip and Safety Switch allows for maximum safety during use , making it a portable & versatile arc lighter
    • MULTIPURPOSE- The dual electric lighter can be used as Cigarette Lighter , USB Candle Lighter , BBQ Lighter and also can be used for camping and survival trips as a fire starter tool