Skullbait® Dual Arc Electric Plasma Lighter - USB Rechargeable

One of the most stylish and versatile Electric Lighters ever designed , The Skullbait® J500 is certainly the perfect next gadget for you . There is no better way to light cigarettes than by using a plasma lighter and its also great as a USB Candle lighter or a Backyard Barbecue lighter
    • DUAL ARC PLASMA LIGHTER- Featuring the proprietary SGCharge Plasma technology , the USB lighter produces a dual ignition arc using electric current which can be used to set things on fire such as cigars , paper , candles , gas stoves , grills and more
    • SUPER EASY TO USE- Our electric lighter is simpler and much more fun to use than those boring butane lighters . Once you have charged the lighter , just press and hold the smart touch button to induce the purple hued arc ( it looks lit !!! ) . Now bring your cigarettes into the arc and it'll catch fire in less than a second . To turn off the arc , just release the button or close the metal lid and you are good to go
    • USB RECHARGEABLE- This is a rechargeable lighter which means you can easily charge it using the includes USB Cable or even your power bank or laptop . The battery life is pretty long which lasts more than a week's time and the LED indicators on the side glass add to the convenience
    • SAFETY | WHY SWITCH TO ELECTRIC ?- As there is no volatile chemical inside , this plasma arc lighter is way more safer and perfect for carrying in the pocket . Also , it doesn't produces any flame or smoke and you make a contribution toward environment too . Lastly , the full refined metal body with magnetic safety lid makes it 100% safe to use in all kinds of situations
    • WINDPROOF LIGHTER + WATER RESISTANT- The Skullbait® Arc lighter is Level 5 Waterproof and completely windproof thus making it an essential camping gear for survival situations or rough weather conditions
    • 30 DAY RETURN | 1 YEAR WARRANTY- Not satisfied with the electric lighter or facing some technical issues ? Don't worry , we offer a free 30 Days Return plus a dedicated Support Team to always answer all your questions and issues