KidzKraft®️ Original DogHouse Money Bank

Introducing the Funny Doghouse Coin Bank - an adorable and educational addition to any child's toy collection! This innovative puppy piggy bank merges the charm of a luxurious doghouse with the practicality of a money bank, offering a delightful and educational experience for kids 
    • WORLD'S COOLEST PIGGY BANK -With its lovely appearance, this coin bank stands out from traditional money banks. Imagine a cute puppy sitting in its own cozy doghouse, eagerly waiting for a coin to be placed in front of its door. As soon as a coin is presented, the door magically opens, and the puppy swiftly collects the coin, adding an element of surprise and entertainment to the saving process

    • CUTE LIGHTS & SOUNDS- But the fun doesn't stop there! The Funny Doghouse Coin Bank incorporates cool light and sound effects to make saving even more enjoyable. When the door opens, a gentle light illuminates the doghouse, creating a magical ambiance. To add to the excitement, barking and funny music sound effects accompany the puppy's coin retrieval

    • EDUCATIONAL TOY | MONEY SAVING HABIT-Not only does this coin bank captivate children's imaginations, but it also serves as an educational toy. It helps youngsters develop essential financial management concepts and teaches them the value of money. With a generous capacity of approximately 500 coins, this doggy coin bank encourages kids to save their pocket money and learn about responsible financial habits from a young age

    • SIMPLE TO TAKE OUT COINS - Once the saving goal is reached , the parents can help take out the coins by unlocking the lid from. the bottom and it is so satisfying to see your saved stash !!!

    • 1 YEAR BATTERY LIFE -Using the Funny Doghouse Coin Bank is a breeze. Simply insert 3 AA batteries, turn on the power switch, and let the fun begin. Place a coin in front of the door and press it gently. As soon as you press the coin, the door opens automatically, and the enthusiastic dog retrieves the coin with lightning speed, bringing smiles and laughter to kids' faces