The Dog Lamp ( Maybe the cutest Night Light ever )

Literally , you won't be able to take your eyes off this little dog lamp sitting on your desk . And the soft plushy touch - oh it feels so satisfying !!! 
    • CUTE DOG DESIGN- The cute puppy design with winked little eyes certainly makes it the sweetest and most adorable night lamp of all time . Dog lovers go crazy for this lamp and you are gonna love it so much 
    • SOFT SILICONE TOUCH- The lamp is soft and plushy and feels really cozy and satisfying . It is like a soft toy with night light and it feels amazing to touch and play with this dog lamp  
    • 7 DIFFERENT COLOURS- The little dog lamp features 7 different night lights which can be changed by just tapping the dog or by using the remote that comes with it . The colours are warm yellow , jelly green , sky blue , purple , violet  , fluorescent blue and light green . So you can have different shades on every day of the week to give a unique calming ambience to your bedroom 
    • NIGHT LIGHT FOR KIDS- This is an amazing night light for kids and also as it has a soft squeezy material , kids love to play with it and thus its a great gift idea too 
    • USB RECHARGEABLE- The night lamp has a long battery life and can be recharged through the normal USB Cable . One single charge can easily last upto 10-12 hours and can also be charged using a power bank 
    • PREMIUM PRODUCT- This is a premium product under our ' Smart Home ' project and its one of the best dog lamps ever . Also this is a gadget recommended by our design team ( staff picks ) and we hope that you will like it :)

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