Cute Chick Lamp | Night Light for Kids

Guys, you have to agree that this is the cutest and most adorable night light of all time . Literally , you won't be able to take your eyes off this little chicken lighting up your whole room . Moreover kids all around love this soft lamp so much and there can't be a better gift than this 
    • CUTEST NIGHT LIGHT EVER- The little chick lamp with the cute egg shell design is very unique and would look great in your bedroom , kids' play area or your baby nursery . Its very sweet and can certainly be your lighting companion at night 
    • SOFT SILICONE BUILT- This is made of 100% pure silicone thus making it a soft touch lamp giving you a very textured and cozy touch . It is like a soft toy that has integrated night lamp so you can play with it , squeeze it as you like and it feels really satisfying and again perfect as a kids night light 
    • WARM BRIGHT LIGHT- The inbuilt flagship G32 Core 10 lamp beads emit warm bright light ( 3000K - 6500 K ) which fills up the whole room without hurting your eyes . The illumination is gentle and adds a gorgeous aesthetic aspect to your room 
    • TOUCH CONTROL- The brightness and dimming function of the chick night light can be adjusted by just slightly touching the chick thus making it very easy to control the settings and also to turn the power on or off 
    • PORTABLE AND VERY VERSATILE- Being wireless , lightweight and small , you can carry the night light anywhere and place it on the bedside , study desk , table etc. thus making it suitable for every type of use . It can also be a great stuff toy for kids simultaneously providing the lighting function 
    • RECHARGEABLE- The lamp consists of 1200 mAH battery chip and can be recharged through the included USB Cable . One single charge can easily last upto 14 hours on continuous light and around 4 days on standby 
    • STAFF PICK- Its our staff pick for the ' best night light for kids and babies ' because of 3 reasons - first because of the winsome chic design , second because it is plushy like a soft toy thus kids love to play with it and third being that its made of pure silicone thus making it 100% skin friendly and safe for kids 
    • PREMIUM PRODUCT- This is a premium room decor product from our novelty range and we are sure that you'll like it as much as we do 


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