Looking for a professional voice recorder? Then, this  Advanced voice recorder from Crazechip® is certainly the one for you !!!
    • ULTRA HD RECORDING- The recorder has InBuilt MAXR® professional recording chip which is considered industry standard in recording and thus provides full Hd Recording
    • INTELLIGENT DETECTION -If you turn on the smart mode then the recorder will automatically record sound when it is detected and automatically stops when it disappears
    • TIMESTAMP - The recorder has a smart chip which names the recording files by date automatically
    • AGC FUNCTION - The recorder adjust the noise source automatically and the recording is clear even if the voice is low or the person or source is far
    • 32 GB MEMORY-InBuilt 32 GB Memory so you can record as many files and recording you want
    • ONE TOUCH BUTTON-One touch control to play and pause the recordings
    • MP3 PLAYER -The recorder can also be used as a MP3 player and can be plugged in the headphones to listen to your music
    • LONG BATTERY LIFE-Large Battery Life upto 30 days standby and upto 24hours of continuous recording . Can be easily recharged through normal USB Cable. Also the smart chip automatically saves the recording if the device is running very low on power
    • PORTABLE - The recorder is only 34 gm and is very small so can be easily carried in the pocket
    • PREMIUM BUILT AND COOL DESIGN - The recorder is made of high quality zinc and has a very minimal cool design